Welcome to Ranpu Ken Kumori otherwise known as light and shadow. This Campaign is based in a world where most people are martial artists and monks. The world is a place where those seeking for enlightenment can get it. It’s also a place where martial art styles are varied and those who are on a quest to master them all must travel the world looking for masters and teachers to get them one step closer to either physical perfection or spiritual enlightenment. One of the most prominent features of the world are the Ki-Kyohaku Kudo the spirit star gates these strange crystals scatter the world and each name the respective places on the world map, it is said they are key points related to the stars and that they have a mysterious power in of themselves, whether those who play the campaign reveal there secrets will remain to be seen.

The world is also a place where Ki or life energy exists those seeking to master that will have an uphill struggle as that is something even the masters are striving for, but that’s not to say it’s not impossible to learn such techniques.

Sadly as well with most worlds it is not unified and peaceful, some places are but as you travel the world there will be many hostile places and people you will have to deal with in your own way. Also there will be many monsters and demons and all manner of creatures just waiting for you so be careful on your journey.

Anyway you should find that you have many trials to overcome if you want to be the best out there so I encourage you to get those techniques well practiced and to keep your wits about you as you travel between the light and the shadow.

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Ranpu Ken Kumori (Light and Shadow)

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