Combat Techniques

These are some of the techniques that a Monk can learn. More will be added later and will eventually be localised on the world map of where you can learn these techniques.

Sonshō no Kisei – Damage Regulation : When rolling damage dice you may choose exactly how much of that damage is done at the moment of attack the rest of the damage is then wasted and not counted unless at the users option any held back damage or the full damage of the attack is delayed for a maximum amount of rounds equal to your level. The user of course as a free action can choose to let the damage affect the target in between that time or have the damage dissipate so that it does not affect the target. This is purely a mental action.

Saigo no panchi – Final Punch : As a full round action you may make one powerful attack, this attack deals an extra amount of damage equal to twice her level. In addition if you would of had additional attacks using a full round action then for every attack you would of had add +1 to the critical multiplier and a +1 to the critical threat range. All damage is multiplied to this attack.

Sonshō no Torikeshi – Damage Cancelation : You may once a round as a free action intercept an attack, make a unarmed damage roll. You negate an equal amount of damage from your unarmed damage roll to the intercepted attack, if the intercepted attack dealt more damage than your cancelation then you take that damage.

Ōgon no Kane – Ring the Golden Bell : You may now make unarmed ranged attacks. The range is equal to 5ft/LV + 5ft/Wisdom modifier. In addition you can flurry with this method, but you must have a direct unobstructed path to the target for the attacks to work.

Kiso o Yaburu – Break the Foundation : You may now ignore the hardness of objects with your unarmed strikes, in addition you also deal extra damage to objects equal to your wisdom modifier.

Kasai no Sutairu – Fire Style : You may now activate or deactivate as a free action an aura of fire around your unarmed attacks, this deals an additional 1d6 damage / 5 LVs you have.

Kaze no Sutairu – Wind Style : You gain a fly speed equal to 40ft + 10ft / LV

Chikyu no Sutairu – Earth Style : You gain a natural armor bonus equal to +1/5 LVs.

Mizu no Satairu – Water Style : You gain a defection bonus to AC equal to +1/5 LVs

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Combat Techniques

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